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$1,000 to $2000 1911'S

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Has anyone noticed that so-called test's on the Les Bauer and Kimber 1911's by the gun rags all make mention of failures? " A light tap on the back of the slide brought it fully into battery" "This particular pistol did not like the Remington Hollowpoints" "With a little light gunsmith tweaking, the problem should be resolved". On pistols costing $1,000 to $2,000 a copy? Or my favorite, a 1911 .22 that "did not like Remington ammo or hiccuped a few times with Winchester HP's" This was a $750.00 .22. What is going on with this? If my Ruger MK II wouldn't feed Reminton and Winchester ammunition I'd be screaming bloody murder! Let alone a $2,000 pistol "that needed a little tweaking".
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Most of these high-priced 1911s have failures because they deviate from the original design and intent. First of all, the 1911 was not designed with JHPs even in mind, many, many choke on JHPs. Some of the newer designs (hence deviating from the original design of the 1911) do better, but I've never met one that would reliably feed all of the premium JHPs, much less the cheaper ones.

Second, the 1911 was design for extreme reliability, not to be target-accurate. The 1911 was originally more like Russian weapons than anything else, big, not that pretty, but reliable and loosey-deucey. Get an old Korea or before military 1911, and feed it FMJ ammo, and you won't find many failures. You also won't find .75" groups at 25 yards.

As much as I love my 1911s, I don't usually carry them, opting instead for a more modern design that is both accurate and reliable.

I sure as hell would be screaming bloody murder over a $2000 gun that didn't function.
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