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$1,000 to $2000 1911'S

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Has anyone noticed that so-called test's on the Les Bauer and Kimber 1911's by the gun rags all make mention of failures? " A light tap on the back of the slide brought it fully into battery" "This particular pistol did not like the Remington Hollowpoints" "With a little light gunsmith tweaking, the problem should be resolved". On pistols costing $1,000 to $2,000 a copy? Or my favorite, a 1911 .22 that "did not like Remington ammo or hiccuped a few times with Winchester HP's" This was a $750.00 .22. What is going on with this? If my Ruger MK II wouldn't feed Reminton and Winchester ammunition I'd be screaming bloody murder! Let alone a $2,000 pistol "that needed a little tweaking".
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LaFrance offers LIFE guarantee on Star

chopped to his "Nova' configuration. HIS lifetime, and that includes BOTH parts and labor, stupid. Just because YOU can't handle a given job doesn't mean others can't do it just fine, stupid.
no only that, but it better have a 460

barrel, spare slide group in .45 ACP, muzzle wt, front sight thereon, for the 460 barrel,luminous insets in Bomar Adjustable sights, all the goodies, and have a Defender length slide, Commander length 460 barrel, an alloy frame, and have a Detonics length, steel slide Colt .22 unit. :) Without the .22 unit, top price would be $1400. I don't pay other people more than $10 an hour to do work I can do myself (and do it better, in nearly every case).
go back to school, punk. "cant' means

"physically unable". what you MEAN, stupe is "may not", which involves "permission", which is of course COMPLETELY irrelavant. :)
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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