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1-2 instances, shooting success=nothing

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If you cant repeat whatever "feat" you did, any time, 6 out of 10 tries,it's LUCK, just like getting heads 3-4 times straight, in as many coin tosses,is just LUCK.

I ONCE hit a flying quail with a .22 pistol, but I'd missed it, twice, missed another twice (covey flushed in two groups, about 2 seconds apart) and I'd ALSO missed one (MUCH closer, on the SIT).

It's VERY hard to tell a .40 second (apart) pair of shots from a .60 second pair of shots, and it would be almost impossible to tell .40 second from .80 second, in the excitement of afight or "just" a big game hunt. That's why we have electronic shooting timers, and COMPETITION. You "think" you are pretty fast with a 6 minute mile, until a REAL miler LAPS YOU. :) THEN you realize the REAL score. Same thing in shooting. You get with other, TOP hands, doing their LEVEL best,with the BEST gear and practicing a LOT at a given shooting drill, you find out that you are probably TWICE as slow as what you COULD be.
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