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1-2 quiet shots, from concealment, slip-

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away, oil-spray the .22 pistol,hide it, blend in with the sheep. The can will take care of a LOT of the risk of any testing showing that you've fired a gun recently, count upon that. If you incorporate a slidelock, to keep the .22 auto from cycling the slide in the normal fashion, it will be "quieter", and even less risk of having a "nitrate" test show you as having fired a gun.
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forensics have gone well beyond the nitrate test, and you may think that hosing down your gun with oil will fool them.

But like so many of your rantings, there's this slight disconnect with reality...

How's the resistance going?

in this day and age, where the number of cameras, digital, video, film and otherwise are everywhere, it's rare when you aren't being photographed.

You are watched more than you realize, and it isn't necessarily big brother, but all of us with the cameras...

1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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