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1 hit, .34 sec, or 3 hits, same time?

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only an idiot would choose the former, and that's what you are choosing when you choose a 38 snub and plus P 158' gr lhp's. Repeat hits run .35 second. With an SA 9mm, repeat hits run .16-.17 second. Only an ignorant fool expects ONE hit to suffice. It MIGHT, but it could EASILY be a poor hit, or a complete miss, too, or a good hit with an inadequate amount of shock and tissue destruction. The sort of guy who settles for a .38 snub is more likely to have .45 sec splits, too, because of lack of adequate trainging and practice. those serious enough to REALLY go after real defensive ability don't settle for half assed gear, or half assed levels of skill with any gear.
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MY "loadout" is carryable, yours is not

so you are fos. Where I'd be, a heavy, bulky sleeping bag is just a waste. Long before the Heavy duty Mylar gives out, I'll be "in place" where it's not cold much at all, and by then, i'll have taken a dozen sleeping bags from the dead, if I want them.
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