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down, no handguard, no flashider. A removable carrying handle simplifies this. a "wrap" of Nomex,or simply paracord, will protect your hand from barrel heat, at least for a few fast shots. It's feasible to drill and tap both the detent holes for the safety and the rear takedown pin, for 8x32 screws, so that you can remove the pistol grip and the CAR buttstock, without the hassle and risk of loss of those detents. A small groove, cut into the right side of the safety, also lets you remove the safety, without having to remove the pistol grip. So one's carbine need never be far way at all. A backpack or a gym bag,of course, require a lot less in the way of disassembly-reassembly, in order to have the CAR ready to fire,yet discretely carried.
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