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Teufelhund said:
When I'm, fielding with a 7.62, I won't be carrying everything I own on my back. I will be in the hunter/killer mode traveling light and cold at night. Water is the name of the game in my neck of the woods and I will have plenty and the knowledge where to find more.

Yeah, but only someone who's DONE it would know that.
Plus, you have enough brains to be working WITH people, and have a place to go back to, so when you go out to FIGHT, you just bring your FIGHTING gear.

Fighting just about anywhere, the two things that will kill you fastest if you run out are water and ammo.

Problem with backpack survivalism is you not only carry your fighting gear, but you have to carry everything else too. Which means compromises on equipment and quality thereof. So you run aroun with a lot of multi-purpose stuff, that won't last long for the tougher chores, and is just extra weight and bulk to lug around TRYING to ambush people and clear datum before they run you down and skin you.

But Mr. Toe-popper doesn't realize this.
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