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So what?

When I'm, fielding with a 7.62, I won't be carrying everything I own on my back. I will be in the hunter/killer mode traveling light and cold at night. Water is the name of the game in my neck of the woods and I will have plenty and the knowledge where to find more.

We will also be mounted and capable of 75 miles a day easily, without being burned out in the effort, more than enough speed and range to deal with someone wandering about the high plains.

You don't seam to understand thier just isn't very many places to hide and covering distance is the name of the game. The places avalible to hide are so obvious that it's a simple matter of deduction to figure out where a theif would be hiding.

If the thief doesn't have good local maps and the ability to use them well, he will soon be out of water. There is no way a backpacker can carry enough water to get to the mountains from our neck of the woods, which would be his only chance. There is also no way he could outrun mounted men on foot.

Stopping to shoot would only give his location away, even with a supressed rifle there is only so many places to shoot from and it will be easy to figure out where he is. With horses you can stay out of effective range of the obvious hiding spots. Since he can only travel so fast those spots will be pretty simple to figure out.

None of the these dynamics are new, this game has already been played and you are not nearly as good at it as the home team was.

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