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SOMEPLACE. and it's NOT hard or risky to search for such a key, either. so it's NOT hard to steal a car, even if you dont have a clue how "hotwire' one. If truly desperate for a vehicle, one can always just bust somebody upside the head, as they get into their car, find one left RUNNING (cold weather) or the keys IN the ignition (gas station) If steal-alter a set of plates in ADVANCE, and get over a state border in a FEW hours, that "hot" car won't be a problem for at LEAST several days, during which you can go clear across the US, if you want. U can either steal money, or steal the gas, or steal ANOTHER car (full of gas) if you have no money. :) The bank tellers HAVE to give you money, even if all you do is tell them' this is a a robbery". They might STALL, but that's ALL they are going to do. You dont need more than $1000 to get started in the coke biz, in ANY town of more than say, 20,000 people. If it's big enough to have a taxi service, it's got whores that the driver knows where to find, and they know where to buy coke, and can send you buyers, too. all you have to do is sell it a bit cheaper, a bit less 'cut' than most other guys, and you'll be making 1-2k a week, easy, in less than a month of dealing.

NO kidding, and if done right, VERY little risk. U never go to their house, never let them know your name, where to find you, what you drive, or even what you REALLY look like. Dont hang out with them, try to ALWAYS just use "dead drops" , for the dope ,and have the money SENT to you, at some 24-hour access place, or some titty dancer you set it up with, etc. Never front them more than you've ALREADY profitted from them, and at first, never more than $50 worth. If they don't pay, you HAVE to burn up their car, cause ALL dopers know each other in an area. If ONE gets away with stiffing you, ALL will try it. So, if the one you bust up, etc, DOES know where to find you, he'll rat on you in a heartbeat. so will anythat get caught, and they ALL get caught, sooner or later. If they know ANYTHING more than your bs nickname (different one for each customer) and your pager number, shame on you. Never sell to anyone with ANYONE else present. Try to NEVER put anything in their hand, OR take money directly from their hand. ANYTHING like that that you can do to weaken the narc's case, means you MIGHT get let go (to be caught some other time, they hope) or you may get a low bail bond set,or even get "recognizance' bond, etc.

ANY patriot, gunowner, etc, can EASILY end up on the run, given the Patriot Act and Big Brother's propensity to get EVER more repressive. Print out the above, keep it stashed somewhere ANONYMOUS, no prints, etc.Like a hole in the ground, on public property, utility property, big company property, an ENEMY'S property, etc. OLD people are pretty useful, especially women, for mail drops, etc. The cops AINT busting them over such crap. they don't want to have to PAY for their medical bills, etc. :) The jury probably wouldnt convict, the prosecutor might well not CHARGE, etc. Occasionally, u even find a grannie who has some real hate for the system, some politician, etc, and wouldn't MIND, actually. or is so senile, drunk etc that she never notices. Sorry if that offends the sensibilities, but when you are fighting for your life, freedom, etc, lots of ugly things become sometimes necessary.
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