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100 mill dogs, cats, US, .22 takes them

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handily, and so do traps and snares. In other parts of the world, notably the Orient, their flesh is relished. They will be eating all of the game and livestock if shtf, so they will have to go. Feeding on dead humans, the dog packs will soon come to regard people as being food. Another reason that they will all have to be shot on sight. Asleep on the ground, you will be easy pickings for dogs. Without modern medical care, a few bites from dogs, whose teeth are full of carrion-crap, and you will die of infection, or be so bebilitated that something else will finish you off.
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The whole hammock thing makes me laugh.

Ok you've repeatedly stated that you will move at night, stick to cover and hole up during the day.

You will need to climb to secure your hammock out of the reach of dogs and other critters. If it is only slightly above head height, people will see it.

You ain't climbing in the dark and stringing a hammock between two trees, or even within a single tree.

So you'll be making noise and a lot of visible movement. This increases the likelihood of being spotted.

If there's enough light for you to see well enough to climb, then there's enough light for you to be seen and shot.

Plus, once in your hammock, you are a nice target that is easily surrounded, easily shot at, etc.

For someone who has given a lot of thought to this stuff, you haven't done a very thourough job of thinking it through.

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