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100m, 20" 223 sp hits no harder than 460

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prefrag does at 10m, and that's PLENTY hard, as those who've shot deer, coyotes, etc, with such a 223, at such ranges. At pistol defense ranges, the 460 Split Nose is EXTREMELY likely to suffice, with a single chest hit, and with TWO such hits, .20 second apart, if they don't suffice, a 00 Buck blast wouldn't have sufficed, either. What's happened is you've run into the 1 guy in 100 who isn't stopped with a chest hit by ANY typical firearm.

yet the 460 Split Nose, being 70 grs at 2300 fps, is just as controlable (ie, sub .20 sec splits) as is the .45 ACP ball rd. It's also AP, of course. I START with that level of performance as the minimal-standard, and then SEE what sort of controlability and tissue damage and shock I can ALSO get. :) U can get a solid tin, pointed .25 ACP load to pierce a Threat level II vest,you know. 20 grs at 1300 fps goes right thru, if it's hard enough and pointy enough, and "nose heavy", which of course is readily achievable by means of the hollowbasingj of a solid tin bullet.

However, such a .25 load only has 75 lousy ft lbs, and of course, not much frontal area, almost no momentum, and very little in the ability of causing shock, or damaging much tissue.
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Yea but a sawed off AR, the CAR, won't do anywere near that. It's a POS. The CAR is a losers gun, face it.
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