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andy said:
for justifiable civilian self defense. Saying that the auto shotgun is better at 10m doesn't mean it's a better home defense gun. Try some timed pivots, traverses, door opening, use of light, looking under beds, etc, sometime with ANY longarm, vs the pistol. Try it while holding an infant in your arms, cuddling a 4 year old, juggling a phone, etc, too.
I'll keep that in mind if a a 4 year old with an infant comes to visit.

You make up all kinds of reasons for things you are afraid of not to work.

If the light is mounted on the shotgun, it's not an issue

Phone? that's what hands free is for

Door opening?

Hell, I'll simply take up a deefensive position and wait for the police to arrive, if I'm worried about opening doors.

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