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tubing is the inside tube for the CAR's can. 10" of 1 .750 OD, .050" wall is the sleeve tube. 1/4 of the rear endpic is inside of the can, .5" protrudes from it, and is threaded 1/2x28,to fit the muzzle thread of the AR-15 barrels. A2washers are made out of .065 aluminum sheet metal, and one is welded between the 2 tubes, one at each end. The rear 5" of the internal tube has 16 rows of 1/8" ID holes drilled radially into the sides of the tube, so as to vent the hottest, dirtiest, highest pressure gases into the area between the tubes. The same .065" aluminum washers are used as "spacers" in between the annealed bronze screen wire baffles, which form the "expansion chamber" in the rear 5" of the suppressor. The first 2" of the can's rear baffling uses washers whose ID hole is .250". the next 3" uses .265" ID holes. The rest of the can uses washers with .280 ID holes. The baffles are all 3/8" wide (viewed from the side) and they alternate ID holes, with .280 being the "small" baffles, and .750 being the large baffles. This "opening" and "closing' of the baffles "works" the gases more than does just having a "tunnel" of baffles,all whose ID is .280". The larger hole in the baffles also makes it easier for the gases to be vented into the "sleeve" area between the two tubes, since there's less baffling for the gases to pierce before they are vented.

This makes a can that's maximally effective in reducing muzzle blast, is very lw, very able to handle the heat, blast, and carbon residues,but which requires no special machinery to make, just a small lathe, and which doesn't effect your accuracy, and which can be made in a day. If you already have all your parts made, it can be packed (or repacked) in an hour.
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