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fps. R-P cases, .451" OD, lee liquid lube, lee sizer (in a reloading press) CCI mag pistol primers. Worked up thru 12.5 and 13.0 grs of BE, but no velocity increase was available.

Bullet was cast of non-lead solder,, Lee 155 gr mold. dropped out weighing 100 grs, hollowbased in the lathe to 90 grs. No, it's not a reliable feeder in ACP cases, but the .060" longer Rowland case helps with that problem. 13-13.5 grs of BE works ok in the Rowland case, delivering 2100 fps, in a typical, fully supported 4" barrel. Recoil is no worse than .45 ball, but you get 880 ft lbs, which is more than you get with a 4" .44, and factory 240 gr jhp's, for instance. Such a gun and load, checking all 6 chambers, is doing great to get 1250 fps, which is 835 ft lbs. The alloy commander weighs 28 ozs, and is fully controlable in rapidfire. Make a 28 oz .44,use 240 gr factory loads in it, and you will have carpal tunnel within 100 rds, and you will DESERVE it, for your stupidity.

Yes, such loads foul the bore a bit, but no worse than 158 gr plus P lhp .38's do.
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