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125 gr bullet, 1250 fps, in .45 ACP

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is a joke, and it's LIKEWISE a joke in a 357 Snub. At least it would be controlable in a 1911, and get .18 second splits, not .35 second splits, like a 357 snub is limited to. At least the gun would hold 8 rds, not 5, and have a 2 second reload, while leaving one in the chamber, unlike the 6 second, totally helpless state of the 357 Snub. The .357 snub aint pocketable, so it has to be compared to other belt guns. When you do so, you see just how badly it sucks. There's no point in having lots of blast and flash and recoil, and not having any real ability to come with it. That's stupid. I'd greatly prefer the gun to have no sound, no flash, and no recoil at all. But then, I'm not stupid, like so many people are. All I want out of a gun is PERFORMANCE. Not nostalgie, not "mystique", not "investment value", not artifact-interest,not some bs "thinking" that it's "so reliable", etc. Just PROVEN ability to get the job done, faster, and easier.
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A super expert like you is admitting that they can't control a .357 Snubbie?

In one post you say the first shot is the only one that counts, so you don't mind having one that commonly misfeeds, but now you say a snubbie is horrible because it only has 5 shots? MAKE UP YOUR MIND!

Tell my snubbie and my pocket that they can't go together any longer, because I've been carrying my .357 that way for years. I can also shoot my snubbie acouple of times from the pocket without removing it if necessary, but I wouldn't trust that with a semi. (You can start a minor fire this way on the shirt,

As far as the flash and sound goes, I'm glad it is there. If I happen to miss (it can easily happen in high stress situations), the 4' flash and loud BANG is much more likely to scare them off than a silenced firearm with no flash. Trust me: I'd rather scare them off than be standing over a dead body where the local prosecuter mght want to make an example by sending an innocent person to jail for a while.

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