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15 lbs of guns, ammo, about the limit

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for shtf, because you badly need to be carrying at least another 35 lbs of concealable body armor, and other kit, and because you aint fit enough to run, crawl, etc, all day with more wt than that. Nobody is. Most of you can't cover 20 miles of hills, brush and mud, in 2 days, with NO gear wt on you. jUst your blubber would defeat you.
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10 lb scoped rifle, 3 lb pistol, holster,

a lb of mags, a lb of mag pouches, and your 15 lbs of guns and gear is used up, before you get ANY ammo. :)(
4-6 lb CAR-15, 2 lbs of pistols (.22, 9mm)

2.2 lbs of scope, mount, spare parts, bipod and suppressor, 1 lb of .22 unit, 1/2 lb of spare mags, no mag pouches, just pockets. 2 ozs of pocket holster for the 9mm. 1.5 lbs of .22lr (200 rds) 80 odd rds of 223 (2.2 lbs) and you can get a lot done,if you know much of anything at all. Of course, that leaves out 99% of the guys who "think" that they are riflemen, hunters, survivalists. :)
why does un-registered keep wanting to shoot people?
why does un-registered not need food or water or socks or a change of clothes.does un-registered really want TS2HTF?
how much blubber does un-registered carry around?
where is bookwriter?;)
u cant read. The food, water, socks

are part of the other 30 lbs of kit.
O.K. Why not just get someone to carry your crap for you?I mean,if your willing to start shooting people why not just confiscate a drudge?Or better yet,just where would you go?I live on the edge of a fair sized town myself but the boonies don't begin for 15-20 miles.Unless I want to play "WATERWORLD"I'm stuck in a major population,until the gangs burn themselves out no-one left will be safe.
Do I really want to give up on my home & other belongings?A hard decision to make.Who's to say that "order"won't be restored in a few days?Remember the post OJ riots?A few days later & things settled down & a semblance of order was restored.
Now,if your talking an attack by a zombie horde for instance:D ,well....that's a whole 'nuther scenario.
Realistically, no one will know the situation until afterwards. Simple poor choices will probably kill a lot of people. What is best to take? What is a necessity to have? What was useless to have with you when the chips were down?

Who can say who is right and who is wrong?

Accepting the fact that no one gun will be perfect for every situation, what are the chances that the one gun you have in your hand at the time will be perfect for the situation YOU are facing?

Hell, I like playing first person shooter games and it is interesting to play multiple scenarios through when starting out with different weapons to see how it changes the odds. Unfortunately, real life doesn't give you a button to reload the situation to let you play again if you lose. So certainly Murphy's Law will be your worst enemy.
so 20 miles of walking, or using a

mountain bicycle, is just COMPLETELY out of the question, hmm? You know what the record is for walking from NYC to Frisco is? 68 days, or something like that. Many thousands of settlers walked from St Joe all the way to CA, and you can't pedal a mountain bike for 20 lousy miles? You dont DESERVE to survive.
it is NEVER an advantage to make noise,

or to run out of ammo, or to not have luminous sights, the option of a scope. It's never an advantage to be unable to forage, or to use the most likely to be found, most efficient cartridge (ie, 22lr) It's never an advantage to ONLY have a .22, when combat, or the occasional deer, cow, etc, requires more power, range, or penetration than a .22lr offers. It is never an advantage to run out of ammo, or be unable to conceal the rifle, if need be. It's never an advantage to be easy to find by enemies, or be unable to move, if a fire, flood, disease, fallout, etc forces you to do so. It's never an advantage to be too fatiqued to notice foraging opportunities, or notice signs of things that could be helpful or dangerous. So it only makes sense to choose a rifle that offers both 223 power and .22lr conversion unit, while being lw, compact, and concealable, when disassembled. It only makes sense to have a see thru scope mount, protected iron sights, a threaded, short barrel, a sound suppressor, etc.
See less See more dingus after i walk,ride,or just bloody flap my arms for 20-30 miles then what?Methinks that alot of other people are going to be thinking the same thing.Kinda crowded eh?Do you think that the people who are already there are going to welcome you because you have a suppressed .22?Or that you'll just skulk around for a while staying under the radar-no one will even know that you are there?
Basically unless a captain trips come's a knocking and kills off a huge percentage of the population any SHTF scenario is unlikely to favor a single person making it.
& just WTH do I care about walking to kalifornia?Leave a state with 30 million people to walk to one with 10x that.duh.:rolleyes:
Oh, & if we are now on a bike why not up the carry package to include a few claymores & a RPG?Maybe a m249 mounted on the handlebars next to the beep!beep! bell:nyah:
jeez,I almost forgot the rr fender rocket launchers & oil/smoke maker.& the ejection seat(ouch!)
u dont even know the population of

the lower 48 states. You are lucky to be able to tie your shoes, so OF COURSE the idea of being along terrifies you. You are a parasite. Parasites have to have hosts. shtf WILL
kill 90+% of the population, within a year, guaranteed, if it's not stopped in a few months. 10% will die within a month of the power's going off. there's that many that absolutely must have medical help, air conditioning, heat, refrigeration, etc. for the dummy's sake, total US population is 280 mill, with something like 5 mill being in HI and ALaska. CA has something like 25 mill
people will be starving within a month

the lifestock and game will be gone that fast. The grain won't last another month, either, nor the stored food. Cannabilism will be commonplace within 90 days, guaranteed. Staying in place, looking well fed, will get you shot by the starving, burned out, etc.
I think that this guy is only doing what the voices in his head are telling him.

says you, punk. I've generated more

GOOD gun oriented posts here in a week, than everyone else, put together, have done in months. So [bleep] you.
The happy trio of unregistered,handy andy,& 223poodleshooter have indeed made LOTS of posts in the last week.They are all on the same narrow topics though.I think we'll all agree that the original purpose of all guns is that they can be used to kill things.Not all shooting nowadays is to,directly,prepare to kill.I'll go out on a limb & suggest that most shooters do it just for fun.The endless barrage of threads about quick,aimed shots from a suppressed .22 handgun that is used to collect everything from deer to pigeons to cattle to people is getting IMO a little old.Don't get me wrong-if the trio has something useful to say then GREAT!It's just the seemingly randon replies to threads that are months old is a litte....bizarre.Also the name calling should stop.On both sides.:I don't mind playing the SHTF game occasionally either.BUT turning most threads into "I'll be the only one left because the new blackpowder rifle you bought(worthless junk-an autoloader is better)will let you down all the time!:) gets a little old too.
Just a thought.Mebee the trio should consider keeping their advice ON TOPIC & spreading the WORD on new topics only.
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like I SAID, if u dont like it, dont read

it, simple enough, but many twits just CAN'T figure it out. :)
Thank you for "enlightening" us Melvin!
GOOD gun oriented posts here in a week, than everyone else, put together, have done in months. So [bleep] you.
I'm not sure you understand what that word means...
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