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armored vest and groin protector, 30 lbs of rations, water, and other survival supplies. 2 lbs of rations, 6 lbs of water, 4 lbs of backpack, 2 lbs of sleeping gear, 2 lbs of shelter, 2 lbs of tools, 2 lbs of "extra" clothing. 3/4 lb each cookpot, water filter,medical kit, walking stick, 8 lbs of miscellanious lighting gear, fire making gear, gold coins, microfiched survival info and magnifying glass for reading same (and starting fires) non hybrid seeds, salt, spices, spare glasses, comb,mirror, tweezers,soap, bug dope, sewing awl, plastic bags, pen and pad, toilet paper (handy for many things) It ALL is very helpful-or essential, and it ALL has wt and bulk.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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