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.17 Remington

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anyone else mess with this caliber much? i was once working up handloads for 20 grain Burger bullets at nearly 4400 fps. it was fun, but damn time consuming. anyone else out there try any of the other super fast smallbores? wildcats? proprietaries?
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Yea, shot one, don't own one

This little centerfire will do spectacular things to vermin sized varmints out to 100 yds. The pelt shooters like them for larger critters like ***** and coyotes because it kills cleanly without messing up the hide. :cool:
I have watched the reloading process and am still astonished that you can funnel anything other than ball powder down that little neck:erm:
Fun to shoot, but not to reload.:)
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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