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the "Coffey Carry". He lived in Chicago, I was in Litchfield, 50 miles south of the Spld Area. He'd heard about me from Pinky Shinpagh, the Nat'l Guard Armorer. I put his .22-.45 unit on my Lee Rest, showed him it got 4" groups at 50 yds. His comment was:"Why, that's quite usable, isn't it?" I replied,yeah, go prone and show me you can do as well with your .45, right now". He smiled and declined. I later began attending the monthly matches he and Frank Havlicek were hosting up at the Rock Island area.

The Coffey Carry is tucked in shirt, gun pointed at juncture of strong side leg and pelvis, corner of butt in the navel, gun's trigger guard directly between stomach and belt. this allows sitting comfort, great concealment, adequate security (if a good belt is kept tight enough) fair to medium levels of comfort when sitting, at least with a Commander length slide, front corners severely rounded off) and amazing speed. He could average 1.30 seconds to react, draw from surender, hit chest at 10 yds, on my Khronek sweep timer. I'd have to count the times the 1 second sweep hand would go around, of course.

I later modified this carry, using an IWB rig,secured with a velcro tab outside of the waistband,matching velcro on the belt, same position tho. A hung out T shirt offered the best speed. Weak hand sweeps the shirt up clear of the gun butt, prior to the strong hand making the draw. With this rig, it's feasible to put a coin on the back of the weak hand, use that hand to start the draw, and dryfire before the coin hits the deck. That's .55 second, but no reaction time, and no accuracy requirement. Say, .80 second to react to a timer, draw from hands at sides, hit chest at arm's length.

That's an EXTREMELY fast draw and hit,from concealment, a realistic hand start position,and live ammo. Such speed is ever attained only by the merest handfull of fanatical devotees of realistic fast draw. It's also the SLOWEST you can be,and use a gun to respond to a knife or club attack, from 10-12 ft. That's why hand in pocket is better than the ccw belt rig, for most possible-attack situations, where you can't YET be seen to be holding a gun(or go to jail for "brandishing', or even aggravated assault).
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