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1m, react, draw, hit, speed rig, .60sec

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is about it. At such a range, can react and kick the guy in .50 second, or punch him a lot faster yet. So you HAVE to "make distance', as Moon used to say, if you want the gun to be as effective as you THINK it is. A man can react, take a step, and punch you, from 5 ft away, in .75 second, and if he starts FIRST, he can do so in .5 second. Your gun isn't NEARLY the defensive tool you THINK it is.

FromREALISTICALLY concealed belt rig, it's VERY hard to react, draw, and reliably hit chest, at ARM'S LENGTH, in less than a second. Only a few score men on the earth can reliably do so in .80 second. If you have a WINTER coat, FASTENED over your normal,"indoor" concealing garment, the time will be more like 1.3 seconds,and will nearly always require the use of the weak hand to get all the garments out of the way. A man can EASILY tackle you from 10ft away, standing start in 1 second flat. If he's ALREADY charging at full speed, he can get you from 25-30 ft away, in 1.3 seconds.

In hot or cold weather, the hand ON the pocket pistol, in a front pants pocket for warm weather, in a coat pocket for cold weather, is by FAR a better answer than a belt rig. When you don or doff the coat, simply 'break loose" the Velcro tab on the Kydex rig, and "palm" it from one pocket to the other.
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