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from Mike Harries, at the Columbia Conference, where Cooper first set up IPSC. There I met Milt Sparks, Rick Miller, Ken Hackathorn, Mike Dalton, Lew Sharp, Jim Cirillo, Gerry Gore, Thell Reed, Ray Chapman, Bruce Nelson, Dick Culver. A week spend conversing with these guys was priceless. I later spent 3 days living with Bill Wilson, at his place in Berryville, 6 weeks with Harry Claflin, at his place in Bronaugh, MO( in a tent on the range, actually) 5 days with Mike Dalton, during the IPSC Nationals, 1978, where I met Ross Siefried,Massad Ayoob, Chuck Taylor, Leonard Knight, and many others. I went to the 1980 Nationals, met John Farnum. At these matches, I mostly conversed with the "little guys", who ran the matches, ya see.

So I 've had unique opportunities to meet the guys who TRAINED today's "trainers". I have also met a great many of the creeps that you ccw a gun AGAINST, as well as many of the LEO's, attorneys, judges. etc. I've worked with many a smith and holstermaker and ammo loader, to produce more effective gear, too. So no, I am NOT like you, just reading a mag here and there, plinking a few rds now and then, and THINKING that I know something. :)
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