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I just picked up the remaining guns that belonged to my dad that just passed away recently.

One is a Trapper AE .45 colt ser# 5363XXX

The other is a 9422 ser# 144XXX

Dad used the Trapper in his cowboy shoots, He's got it set up with a tang mounted peep and some brass tacks and beads/bearclaws. It seems very handy but is a bit ackward with the tang peep.

The 22 looks original but the butt plate looks like it's just a hair small. It's missing the rear sight but has a Redfield Wideangle scope mounted on it. Nice Looking, dark wood with good figure on the rear stock.

Oh yeah, also a Stevens double barrel 12ga. Needs some work on the lever that breaks it open.

Now to find some time to get out and shoot!

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Yeah, wish I could find the time to shoot more myself. Sometimes I think I need to just make one day a week a "shooting day" come hell or high water. Or just a generall "off" day. Heck, I would have thought years ago that when I finally had a place where I could shoot on my own property, I would be burning up the bullets every day. Just doesn't seem to be the case, however.

I have a couple of rifles with new scopes on them that I haven't had time to sight in yet. I have an embarrassing number of guns I have bought and never even fired once!

I have never fired a handgun with a scope mounted on it. I have at least a half dozen of them sitting in my vault.

It's getting to the point that I don't want to buy any more guns because I just know they will be staring at me accusingly from my vault for ignoring them......
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