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2 ponchos do a fine job of keeping dry

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serving as a raft, tent, basis for ghillie suit (with hammock attached over it) and so on. You have to tie it down, while walking in wet brush, or your legs will still get soaked, but there's little REASON to move much, in such conditions, really. Wrap one parka around your backpack, and it will not only stay dry, but it will FLOAT, too. You can push it ahead of you while you swim, ya see. The pull string for the hood, can be used to "tie off" the hood area, for when you need a "non-leak" stretch of material. U CAN'T AFFORD to waste the wt and bulk of items that are single-use, in a BOB bag, like sleeping bags, tents, rain-gear, etc.
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In the late '60's/ early '70's, most civilized armies in the world did away and started issueing proper wet weather gear and groundsheets. They are far more efficient. Waste of time, yep at night when the temperature hits +3F, and your just wrapped in your ponch and nothing else, you might get smart enough to re-evaluate. But I doubt it. Constant expose to the elements does nothing but weaken your chances of survival. But then gunkid has never spent a night in the bush!
Ponchos restrict your freedom of movement in potentially hostile situations. That restriction, could prevent you from getting to another mag, your knife, getting wrapped up if you ever found yourself on a one to one situation, it could cost you your life. Rain jackets also provide additional upper body warmth during windy periods generally there are ties on the bottom, on cuffs and at the neck. I never said ponchos are useless, they still make fine groundsheets. I still use a poncho to cover up my kit at matches when it rains.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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