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2 ponchos do a fine job of keeping dry

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serving as a raft, tent, basis for ghillie suit (with hammock attached over it) and so on. You have to tie it down, while walking in wet brush, or your legs will still get soaked, but there's little REASON to move much, in such conditions, really. Wrap one parka around your backpack, and it will not only stay dry, but it will FLOAT, too. You can push it ahead of you while you swim, ya see. The pull string for the hood, can be used to "tie off" the hood area, for when you need a "non-leak" stretch of material. U CAN'T AFFORD to waste the wt and bulk of items that are single-use, in a BOB bag, like sleeping bags, tents, rain-gear, etc.
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I carry a poncho and a OD plastic tarp with a space blanket side to it.

The poncho is not something I would want to fight in. It is a good piece of survival gear for this area.

Here, we can go for 100+ day without rain, but when it rains, it comes fast and it's like a tropical cloudburst.

The poncho is OK temporary rain cover and it makes an OK top blanket when you are wrapped up in a poncho liner. It's also OK for draping over yourself in your sleeping bag, and your pack as extra moisture protection, though I prefer the tarp for that.

The plastic tarp is OK, but a heavy canvas tarp is better.

Two ponchos as a pup tent SUCK as a cold weather shelter for many reasons. You also have to take care of that poncho or it will develop holes in short order and not be so waterproof.

It's hard to beat a real tent. In warmer climates and seasons, a tent with a floor is great in that it keeps out the bugs. In a colder climate, having a fire or wood stove in a tent can be nifty so a floor may not be what you want.
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