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well. The rifles being a couple of AR lowers, with CAR buttstocks, (and the appropriate "uppers") Those uppers are an 11" barrel, with a folding buttstock, a 24" match upper, a 30 AK upper, and a .50 bmg upper. The pistols being a pair of alloy framed 1911's, one in 9x19, one in .45, with a .460 Rowland barrel and a ..22 lr conversion. The other 2 pistols being pocket autos.

Those last 2 pistols can be either a Kahr PM9mm and a Taurus PT22 for rimfire practice, or an SA auto, like the Star 380 or 9mm "chop" and either the Smith 2214 . pocket .22, or the M21Beretta, or the Phoenix Arms HP22altered to be carried cocked and locked. The Smith's very accurate, lw, compact, low cost, good sights and trigger,but it's an internal hammer design, and it's safety lever sucks, and smithing the latter is a real bitch. However, so is converting the M21 into a trully accurate trail gun.

The HP22's problems are its pot metal construction and less than match grade trigger pull. It's fairly accurate, but how long it will remain that way is problematic. The "underlug" of the barrel, which engages the cross pin in the frame, holding the barrel rigid in the frame, is made of pot metal. I think that not very many disassmeble-reassemble "cycles" will result ina "loose" barrel. However, my friend has done a dozen or more such with his, and no looseness is detecable. If you remove the stocks, and clean the gun (brake cleaner aerosol) without removing the barrel from the frame, every 300-500 rds, the pc might be servicable for many thousands of rounds, and at $130 retail, it's very hard to beat.

The above guns can last you forever, if all you do is practice for realistic skiills. The can serve nicely for matchs, hunting, survival, defense, etc. No, they are not the "latest" in coming on the scene, but they deliver what's needed, in the smallest,lightest packages available,while not complicating the job of being highly skilled with them (by feeling or operating so differently) The latter is especially true if you avoid the DAO triggers in the pocket pistols.
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