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it's for blood, before LUCK, rather than your gear or ability, is the main determinant of the outcome. 1.5 seconds is plenty of time for an alert man to react to your shot (or just seeing you draw) and dive to cover. If the guy already has gun in hand, (but pointed at someone else) your 1 second FLAT response might not be fast enough, and if he's focused on YOU, .50 second might not be fast enough, if he's real close. By wearing concealed armor, you MIGHT buy yourself an "extra" one second in which to respond, in "normal times" defense against a punk or 2. If it's shtf, your concealed armor might let you take a hit or 2 from a .22 rifle, and get prone-covered, before you actually shed any blood. Depending upon the range at which your ambusher is, that might buy you 1-2 seconds, and that might be plenty enough for your to prevail, in thick cover, or at night.
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