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2 to chest, 1 to head, 7 yds, 1.5 secs

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is fairly simple, on an electronic timer, starting hands at sides, with a secure "speed rig", for a top hand. He can react, draw, get the first hit on the chest in .65 second, get the second chest hit in another .18 second, leaving him a full .65 second to raise the sights a bit and get the head shot. Yet with and FBI rig (openly worn) only a very few thousand on the face of the earth can get the first chest hit in 1.5 second. Only a few hundred can do so from a ccw belt rig.Moving at such speeds is a bit "hairy" when using cocked and locked, but it can be done.

IDPA considers it "master level" to achieve this above "Mozambique Drill", in 2.2 seconds, from an openly worn rig. :)
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I've got big money that says you can't AVERAGE

under 1.60, 5 tries, 7 yds, 8" A zone, 6" circle for the head, hands at sides start, reacting to the beep of an electronic timer, using a concealable rig, behind the hip. :) I've got a fair amount of money that says you can't average under 1.80, too. Hack is the one that said 2.2 seconds is master level. I could easily have done it in 1.30, with a speed rig. Never worked that much with FBI rig, but could probably still demo 1.80 at it, with a bit of practice. Certainly could beat 2 full seconds, using a full size and wt 1911. For a guy to call himself a master, he should average under 2 seconds, ccw, with a lw Commander .45 and full charge ammo.
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