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22 lr cleaning question/ Possible damage to barrel?

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I finally went out today and shot my Ruger 10/22 for the first time since installing a thumbhole stock and Green Mountain 20" SS fluted barrel.
The results were impressive with most groups being one ragged hole at 50 yards.
When cleaning time came I ran a brass jag with patch and brass rod through the barrel and removed metal shavings! I was very careful around the crown but the jag seemed to hit a "rough spot" about 2 inches into the muzzle. I have always heard brass will not damage stainless barrels because it is softer than the barrel material. Is this true or have I damaged my barrel?
I tried shining a light into the muzzle but the diameter is so small I couldn't tell anything.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Jackie Lapradd
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if u r still getting nice groups, why worry about it? if it was the brass jag, the metal shavings would appear yellow. If not, then it's not the jag, now is it? I'd say some residual shavings from the rifling process were left in your barrel, when it got shipped. There's no need to clean a 22 rimfire bore. Just the action, chamber, boltface. Cleaning it from the muzzle is likely to do more harm than good, with the cleaning rod flexing enough to contact the rifling. Soft aluminum rods can have abrasive primer residues get imbedded in the sides of the rod, then you are rubbing that abrasive up and down a soft metal surface ( your .22 rifling) which is eventually going to be a bad deal.
Thanks for the reply!
Unfortunately the groups were BEFORE cleaning. I now have to wait until next week to see if I've done damage.
The shavings were not brass colored (which is what worries me) but wouldn't the initial cleaning and firing have cleared residual shavings from manufacturing?
Thanks again
Could this have been leading? I've had a few new stainless .22 barrels lead for the first 500-1000 rds before breaking in. And is the rough spot still present?
I doubt its leading since the bullets were copper coated instead of lead with wax lube. Also I only fired 100 rounds through it so I kinda doubt it.
The rough spot seems to have "smoothed out" a little with a few passes of the rod but after pulling out the shavings I didn't want to go crazy with scrubbing or anything until I can figure out what is going on.
Thanks for the input
You may also want to see if any local gunsmith has a bore scope and have them examine that barrel if trouble develops with how it groups.

Worst case you could have it cut and recrowned.
If damage was done would the groups be consistantly off?
In other words after my next trip to the range, if it shoots well can I safely assume that no damage was done? I just can't believe a brass jag would destroy or remove metal from a stainless barrel. The odd thing is when I switched to a plastic one it went in smooth as butter.
I am pretty bummed about this whole thing since I just shelled out $150.00 for the barrel and only shot it on this one outing.
If I am lucky and everything turns out o.k. I believe I will take the other fellows advice and just clean the action of the gun.
Thanks again for the help!
Actually his advice is sound in that regard as over cleaning can cause damage. And I agree if it's not a problem no need to mess with it. I'm just curious as to what it is or was myself.

Barrels can be odd, around 8-years ago I had a HK VP-70Z pistol that I bought used for under $200 because it had a pitted barrel. Turned out it shot fine for a service pistol only sold it off because it was about impossible to find magazines for it.

Good luck with your rifle hope it turns out ok.
the proof of the pudding is in the eating,of a gun, it's in the functioning and the accuracy. Try it again at the range, and be sure to NOT let your "bummed" feeling about the barrel make you sloppy with your benchrest technique. Rabbit's foot in pocket "helps" win matches, if you THINK it does. THINKING your barrel is bad helps you shoot bad groups with it.
I managed to sneak to the range this afternoon to try out the 22 after the cleaning incident (the suspense was killing me).
Same results! Consistant groups made up of a single ragged hole at 50 yards. I guess whatever I did or whatever the shavings were didn't harm anything.
Thanks to all who responded both in this thread and the other.
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