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.22 Rimfire Tracers

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i saw some .22 rimfire tracers for sale in the CABELA'S MASTER CATALOG but i'm not going to spend that much on em. why are tracer rounds so damn expensive? i bet they would answer all kind of trajectory questions though.

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I wonder how accurate they would be?

I have always heard that tracers are rather inaccurate since the burning material that makes them trace doesn't burn consistently, which throws the balance of the bullet out. Can't say I have tried any accuracy testing myself, but I would think that within standard squirrel shooting range, it would make no difference in a .22 rimfire.

Of course, setting the woods on fire with those tracers could make you rather unpopular with the natives.
set the place on fire????:evilgrin:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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