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223-AR will STILL be GI, 5 years from now

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just watch.
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The new hk is suppost to be system wide in 07.
But yes the m 16 will still be in the system. Just like many other weapons wuch older than the 16.
for that to be true, they'd have to be

issuing them NOW. The M4 is still not "system-wide", and all that is is an upper swap, and they've been working on it for years already.
The m4 was never meant to be system wide. Only for armor units and things of the nature, confined spaces. and of corse sf.
The m4 is way to expensive to be system wide to be cost effective. the hk will be brought in because of cost because it is cheaper and you can go from carbine to sniper modle at 10 level maintance.
I've got $5000 to your $500 that says

it wont Switching will cost $1000 per rifle, due to training costs, shipping and storage changes, etc. X 2 million rifles=$2 BILLION, and it wont change jack squat, because the rifle means so little on the modern battlefield, and because the M16 does just fine.
That's why they're changeing it

...the M16 doesn't do "just fine."
Besides someone is ignoring the 6.8 Rem.SPC.

Which I hope to heck replaces the 5.56 in either the M-16 or the HK.
I pray that they don't go to the XM-8. That gun has some issues as it sits now.

223 fan said:
just watch.
Just like the M-14 is now.
And the M14 was taken out of service, when????
Garand said:
And the M14 was taken out of service, when????
That's my point, it hasn't been taken out of service. (Contrary to what the mighty GK may try to claim...too many pictures of them being used in Iraq and Afghanistan)

Hey Poacher/andy/223 fan/John Melvin/Gunkid/etc.:

When the military changes over to a new, bigger, BETTER cartridge as the "standard" instead of the .223, will you leave the forums and never come back? I'd rather THAT bet that your silly offer of a money bet.

put your $ where your MOUTH is, punk.

The M14 stopped being GENERAL ISSUE in the 60's. Sure, there's a FEW of them still in service. just like there's A FEW 1911's, so what? the exception PROVES the rule, stupes.
Try to get a slight grasp on reality and don't be a dipstick! The 101st and 82nd have a rifleman in each section as the dedicated marksman armed with an M14!
GK have a grasp on reality?:rolleyes:

That's asking alot ain't it?:eek:
It's like trying to argue with a three year old -

Except that the three year old:

has a better understanding of the topic
has a longer attention span
offers more coherent dialog back to you
is capable of learning

Garand said:
And the M14 was taken out of service, when????

Don't forget the M40, M21( or 24?), M60, M240. . .
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