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.22LR suppressor K-baffle

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I'd heard of a "K" baffle, but never seen one. Interesting, in that the offset secondary hole and cone-shape combine to provide a secondary "chamber" for the gas to enter and then reverse course & exit the same path backwards. It also gives a lot of surface area for heat transfer.

(This isn't mine, just a pic I came across.)


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Practicing with something OTHER than the ammunition and equipment you plan to have when it's for real is a quick way to get dead. So, if John intends to use his rifle with the supressor attached when it's "for real" he needs to get at least some practice with it attached, and with the full-power ammo he intends to use, as I doubt if he's stupid enough to go into a gunfight with a less reliable, and not at all powerful rimfire.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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