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22mag, short 223, like .44 S to .44 Mag

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using factory loads in the .44 Special. one THIRD as much power. The .22 mag is 40grs at 1900 fps, the short 223 is 55 grs at 2600 fps, Winchester White box, 11" barrel. You can LOAD that short 223 to be 60 grs at 2800 fps, using the Nosler Partition sp, too. There's no comparison,really. Those who "think" a .22 mag rifle makes a good survival round just aint looking at things realistically. you either want the suppressed .22lr subsonic, with 75m of effective range, and BB gun quietness, or you probably NEED the handclap loud, suppressed 223's 8x greater power. 350 ft lbs of 22 mag is like a 9mm pistol with factory ammo, ie, not much. The shorty 223 has 800 ft lbs with factory loads, 1000 ft lbs with good handloads.
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