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OK, been playing with my HK to much(only a figure of speech-haha)-
Time to give my .270 Wea some attention-its been 2 yrs, but last reloads using RL-25 (70-72.5 g's ,73 starting to flatten primers)W/15O Gameking, 135 S HPBT's, with bullet seated out (seated w/caliber depth in neck,not counting boat tail)on the long side......2 shots .5-.75", but ALWAYS a flyer @1.25-1.5". Some are earned, ie originate from between the earplugs, many were not.
I have started to question the wisdom of seating long for Weatherbys.
Case in point, out of the box usually prints sub inch when I do my part, all the
factory ammo looks to be seated with the shank in the neck almost to the ogive.Yeah,yeah-lightbulb-the cases have very long necks compared to other
cartridge cases.Any Weatherby reloaders out there loading oal lengths to duplicate factory oals?-all the input I ever get ,no ,seat long.Fire away?!:poke::poke:
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