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=aLOT more versatility on the trail than does the 44 oz M29 .44, ya know. Why make all that .44 noise, just to pop a rabbit or squirrel (much less a frog, snake, or mud turtle?) Why bother with memorizing the different POI'S of full bore big game .44 loads, and the "medium load" swc, hmm?

The Bomar adjustables on the Commander can be zeroed at 50 yds for the 90gr, hollowbased swc,(2100 fps) and the diff in POI with the 70 gr, 2300 fps prefrag wont be enough to mean anything, in combat. The 90 gr 460 Rowland loads are enough lighter that the loaded wt of the alloy framed Commander(6 rds, like the .44 holds) is 30ozs, along with 19 ozs of the loaded 2214, totalling 50 ozs. The 44 oz M29 has nearly 4 ozs added when you load it with 240gr bullets, and if you carry any spare ammo at all, the pair of autos ends up being less of a load. Plus you are getting field experience with a realistic ccw sidearm, instead ofa wannabe monster like the .44.
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