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3 guys, enfiladed away from you, at 30-60 ft,

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using a canned .22 auto rifle, you can brain the last one in line, probably still shoot at back of head of #2, hit #3 in the temple or face as he turns to look at what happened to the other .22. Subsonic loads, their buddies 100m away and out of sight, wont' know a thing about it. grab what's useful off of the bodies, and split.GUESS how much fun the remainder will feel like they are having, after they FIND OUT, hmm? :)NOTHING prevents it happening again, and again, and again, either. That's IF they are wearing armor, and you HAVE to brain them.

If they have no armor, the subsonic.22 can inflict wounds that will RESULT in death,from infection, at 200 yds, ya know(post shtf, no med care) It still has the minimal 60 ft lbs at 150 yds, that the Military considers "still lethal", cause it's the same energy a .25 ACP has at the muzzle. Subsonic, you may well get hits on 3-4 men at that range, because they won't realize what's up for 1-2 seconds, and then might well "hide" on the wrong side of the "cover", because your silencer prevents them from knowing where you really are. Just at dusk, or from heavy cover, on stupes in a clearing, road, etc, you can easily vanish before they can do jack crap about it.

if jbt's are chasing you, subsonic bullets in 3 guys mean 6 OTHER guys have to carry them to the chopper zone, and 9 guys have to carry the GEAR of the wounded and the stretcher bearers. Then ANOTHER 2-3 dozen guys have to GUARD the 12, so that they don't get shot up AGAIN. :) ONE man, with the right gear, terrain, abilities, can thus EASILY immobize an entire platoon of "modern troops". he wont be put a lot more "at risk" by using the 223 and having sonic crack, either. By aiming at their asses, thighs or pelvises, their rifle armor won't matter much,if any
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The bullet impact is going to be louder than you think Tard. I don't think the guys you are after are going to react the way you think they are.

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