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3 shots, 20" riot-12, 45m 18"x24", 00 buck

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9 pellet load, and you will be unlikely to get ONE pellet on the target. You can fire all 5 rds in the gun, and never put ONE pellet in the 10" circle of the vitals, too. Sheesh,man, reacting, raising rifle, and hitting A zone is a 1.5 second exercise. shotgun takes nearly 4 seconds, 5 shots, and can't touch the guy. Wonderful combat arm, the shotgun. :)
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#1: My normal load of 00 is 12 pellets (1 1/2 ounces), not 9.
#2: The shotgun is meant to be a close-in weapon - about 30 yards.
#3: Where do you get the idea that if your 5 rounds are fired, not one pellet will hit your 10" circle? Are you pointing the gun in the right direction?

The shotgun is a devastating weapon, used correctly.

He just makes stuff up that he hopes is true.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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