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Draw (western SA revolver) Standing Wax division, US National (whichamounts to a World title, cause almost nobody else bothers with such a game) with a 5 shot average of .55 second. That included reaaction time, hand start was hovering over the gun, the weak hand "slapcocks' the hammer, while the drawing hand pulls the trigger. Today, B Class women average .55 second for the same thing, and the top men average in the .30's. Don't KID yourself that with hand ON a pocket gun, in a kydex front pocket rig (secured by a velcro swatch in pocket) that a gun can't be yanked out and fired in 1/4 second, with enough accuracy to strike your torso at arm's length. That's without the shooter's .20-25 second reaction time. If he starts FIRST, there's no reaction time on his part. So even if you ARE pointing a gun at him at the time, you stand a REALLY good chance of being shot, perhaps even multiple times, if you are even slightly distracted, or hesitant about killing, or use a load that's not REALLY shocking and destructive.
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