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300 radio-led Feds, 30 days, chased

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an excaped con around Grand Canyon National Park, and he wasn't silently shooting any of them. In fact, he never fired a shot, altho he did have a stolen .44 Mag revolver. In 30 days, he could have been 800 miles away,(on foot)but he hung around, trying to make CO release his baby-raper brother. He managed this by moving only at night. He eluded the tracker dogs by running figure 8 's, and he said many times cops passed within a few FEET of him. They were too lazy to bust thru the sort of thick scrub that he'd crawl into to hide.

There wont be even THIRTY punks who can stay togther for more than a few days, post SHTF, and the radio batteries won't last a week, either. Plus, once they strart getting silently shot, the fun will go out of it FAST.

In a week, this guy could EASILY have been outside of the Fed's search circle, bought or stolen a car, motorcycle, bicycle horse, boat, etc, hopped a freight train, or a bus, or hitched a ride,,or a COMBO of several of the above and been in CANADA in another week or less. Anybody who can write a note can get $2000 from a bank, in a big hurry, just repeat as necessary, you know.

You know of ZERO cases of shtf where anybody successfully defended a "fort" s has NEVER htf, so there ARE no such cases. Shtf changes NOTHING about a single man's evasion-escape-foraging issues. So I have proof that my way works, you have NOTHING but stupid ASSUMPTIONS.

MANY of the Jap WW2"holdouts" proved my claim, for MANY years, unlike what a lone man will have to do, postshtf. ONE year will see the threat mostly gone, because 90-99% of the PEOPLE will be dead (or things will have calmed down from some OTHER cause, either way, I'm right. After a year, you can get away with having small, scattered, hidden garden plots, ya see. Bill Moreland proved my claim, for 13 years, in the Snow and ice of Idaho, and he diddn't even have a GUN for the first 11 years. He SNARED enough deer to get by, using phone wire.
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Re: BS

Teufelhund said:
...I have never lived in the rural south but have known many southerners in my time in the USMC and they are an independent proud people that are not going to tolerate being goofed with. Yep those folks are going to just cower in the basement when the lone raider comes a calling. ...
Thanks, Teuf.
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