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rapid fire, especially with BOSS compensator, make it fully the superior of the 375 H and H, and the 375's long been proven to be able to handle anything that walks. The older cordite load of the 375 is what took nearly all the record heads of big game,to include many thousands of elephants,and it had CONSIDERABLY less velocity than modern 375 loadings. The bullets of that heyday of the 375 were nothing compared to today's Barnes, Nosler, Grand Slam, Swift, A Square, etc .30 cal bullets, either. Not in accuracy, expansion, weight retention, penetration, NO category of performance.

The BAR makes it EASY to slam in twice as many hits in the same time as anybody can do with a bolt action, and just as fast as anybody can do with a 577 double rifle, too, (when it comes to the brain hits necessary to stop charges). The big double rifle is a joke. Nobody would bother with the sub-100m pos's, if they had to carry the 14 lb clunkers THEMSELVES.

The 300 win Mag,in the BAR, offers HONEST 500m, humane capability on big game, and you can always load 308 level loads for it,if you like. In a 9 lb gas op auto like the BAR,tho, it recoils no worse than a 7 lb bolt action 308. 28% more wt to absorb some of the recoil, 25% reduction of felt recoil, by virtue of the gas operation, and the BOSS comp reducing muzzle job quite measurably. So the 20% greater recoil of the 300 WM is taken care of rather nicely. The 300 has enough velocity to still reliably expand a sp in an animal at 500m, the 308 is marginal for doing so at 400m.
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