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.300 Wsm

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Have any of you guys compared the peformance of the .300 WSM to the .300 Win Mag in practical, hands-on situations?

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nah, gave up any interest in bolt actions long ago, along with any interest in stuff more powerful than 308. wouldn't bother with 308,if not for really cheap milsurp ammo, and 7 lb alloy framed BAR. For certain "sport hunting" uses,such a gun would be nice, albeit unnecessary for any practical purposes.
since hog hunting is typically done with dogs, with the shooting done at 50 FEET or so, I fail to see your point. :)

Since theres ZERO need of anything LIKE 1 MOA accuracy for big game, or even coyote sized varmints, and no NEED to take small varmints at long range, what's the point of sub-MOA 243,hmm? There aint any. It's all some bs that gunwriters have managed to stuff into your pointy little head, that's all. SMALL deer's chest circle is 8", and 243 sure AINT humane on deer beyond 400m, cause it won't still reliably expand a sp out there, and because it's down to .45 ACP type "power" levels out there, too. 8" at 400 yds is just TWO MOA. :) Also, of course, there's target MOVEMENT, wind, mirage, and a host of other factors, all of which call for a 300 Win mag and a BAR for such shots, not a bolt action 243.
then when you just WOUND the critter the 2--3x greater power of the 300 win mag MIGHT slow it down enough to let the gas op, BOSS comped BAR get in a finishing hit.
nobody says you have to shoot the 300 a lot, much less with full power loads. That's just your fantasy. slowfire bs is so easy, VERY little practice has to be done in order to be just as good at it as anyone else is (under practical field conditions).
Put a GOOD can on that 300 BAR, and it is TAMER than an uncanned 223 is. :) It becomes DEAD rock easy to hit men with it at 1/4 mile, andmuch beyond that range, EVERYBODY misses quite a bit, under realistic conditions. People MOVE, wind suddenly lulls, gusts, changes directions, etc, and you MISS, that's all.
not to mention up and down angles, and SHOOTER ERROR, and not being able to SEE anything from the prone position, or in a lot of cases for "uphill" shots, even get the gun's butt low enough to get "on" target. :)
1 - 6 of 24 Posts
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