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.308 Raufoss??

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I went to the gun show here in Tallahassee today (Saturday) and there was an ammo dealer I had never seen before there. Out of Alabama according to his business card. Anyway, he had some really specialty ammo on the table. The one that caught my eye was the .308 Raufoss rounds. Now I know they make that in .50 BMG, but I had never heard of it in smaller calibers.

If you want to see an interesting page comparing the Raufoss in .50 compated to a .50 armor piercing round, take a look at this page:

Raufoss ammo (.50BMG)

Of course I bought some of that stuff! How could I resist? Also had some other ammo, which I took home as well. One of these years maybe I'll get around to shooting some of it.
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