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.308 rifle used in Africa...

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A buddy of mine just got back from Africa on a hunt. Check out a couple kills...

Shot and killed with a .308 180 grain fail safe bullet at 200 yards...

I hope to have some more pics up soon.

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How beautiful. A living dream to last a lifetime.

That baboon was a long shot. I'll bet he was bobbing and weaving too. :D

and a baboon taken at about 300 with the same gun...

and a Kudu at about 100 with a .375 H&H...

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here's a before shot of the baboon...

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Raul Walters took a RUNNING baboon

thru both shoulders, at 90 paces, with his 1911 and ball ammo, after Cooper said:" You cannot hit that baboon with your pistol" 1977. Next year, I beat Raul 7 out of the 8 times I competed with him. on his home range in Columbia, MO, he with his $1500 Pachmayr Special, me with my home-smithed Series 70. He was a mulitmillionaire, did nothing but shoot and play tennis., I worked full time, standing at a machine, went to college full time, too, on the GI Bill, and had to drive 190 miles each way to get to Columbia, from Litchfield, ILL. He HATED to see me show up. I'd beaten him several times already, in 1977. He was so shocked to see a peon like me in Rhodesia, that his mouth fell open and all he could do was POINT to me. He was talking to Cooper and Dick Thomas at the time, and they turned to see what was up. Cooper broke up laughing when he saw me, and Thomas's face got "thunderclouds" in it. :) Jeff said:" Hi, John, glad to see you could make it".
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What model rifle is that? Man, I just really like heavy stainless fluted barrels on a rifle!
Great pics!! I've been itching to go back to Africa, but I haven't been since I was 3/4, only time I went. I have relatives there.
Re: Raul Walters took a RUNNING baboon

223 fan said:
Jeff said:" Hi, John, glad to see you could make it".

......"because I thought you were still in jail."

You forgot to finsihs that sentence. :)
Tre .308 is a great all round rifle. useful in any part of the world. If I could only have one rifle (awful thought) it would be a .308.
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