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of the meat available is livestock, small game, birds, all of which are a complete waste of 308's power,a nd you "call in" every enemy within 2 miles with every such .30 cal shot. Even deer are not hard to snare, or brain with the .22lr conversion unit, or take to 200 yds, using a good softpoint, scope, and discretion about the angle of fire, the aiming point and the firing position. The 223 user has no problem "baiting in" bears, and brainging them from a tree stand, either. Moose aren't hard to approach within 100m, either. Even elk are often not hard to approach that closely, when its not hunting season. So you lug around that 308, make all that noise, spend all that money practicing, for nothing, really.
My suppressed .308 is very quiet, and I can use subsonic rounds if I want to.

you are the one without a clue or a viable plan.
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