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31 oz (loaded) lw Commander, 12 oz M21

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(also fully loaded)weigh LESS than an empty M27, or M29, or a 1911 loaded with 230 gr ball. That is, if the lw commander is loaded with my 90 gr swc's, which, at 2100 fps, make the 230 gr .45 jhp's look sick when it comes to taking game. An accurate, preferably SILENT .22 is the ideal complement to a powerful centerfire for field use. Why bother with a $1500+ revolver that can't do half as much as the $500 alloy 1911 (used, fully loaded Spld)and the $150 used, M21 and $250 worth of smithing done to it? There's OTHER uses for the Commander and the M21, there's NONE for the monster revolver. So all it is, is an expensive toy. The M21 is a servicable pocket pistol for defense, and, silenced, it's a superb "special mission" pc, or shtf pc. The commander is a fine ccw gun, hunting gun, practice gun, and a good hand can use his strong hand only, and a lw Commander, and beat D class punks like garnad, at any match,any range, when garnad uses a race gun(and both hands) there's just THAT much diff in skill levels. :)
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The Lightweight Commander is an excellent pistol/
"Can I keep my Walther PPK/s 22 as long as I can conceal it?"

Of course you can RIKA and I will keep mine too.
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