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Garand said:
...If you wanna use a $20.00 pimps gun for a .22, feel free. Some of us would rather purchase quality...
Actually, the Beretta 21A's a pretty much top-notch gun, for a small, pocket .22 auto. I've had one since the 80's and it's still in great shape. I don't use it much anymore as I've switched to a KelTec .32 for pocket carry, but it's definitely a high-quality gun.

I've had pocket autos from Beretta, Grendel, KelTec, Phoenix, and Jennings; the Beretta is unquestionably the highest-quality of the group.

Paid $179 or so, iirc, NIB. Haven't had the "$250" in smithing done to it; just one extra magazine.
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