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.38 snub load, .45 ACP

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Imagine a 160 gr swc, at a whopping 800 fps. It won't even cycle the slide, unless you use wussy springs in the gun. That's all that a "plus P" .38 snub offers in the way of "power", 160 grs, 800 fps. The lhp won't likely expand to larger OD than .45, either. Yet, just because such a load is hard to CONTROL in a .38 snub, guys are all impressed with its "power". Well, what it really IS, where the rubber meets the road, is a wussy load. At 250 ft lbs, it's a LOT closer to the 100 ft lb .22lr, than it is to the 500 ft lb 357. mag load.
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Just my humble opinion that if I was out in the bush in a possible hostile AO during Melvin's fantasy WROL , I would feel very comfortable crawling into my sleeping bag with a 2" snubbie. If I had to use it at "O dark 30" I'm sure the hostile will be less than 10 feet from me.
An imaginary +p+ load fired in an imaginary Star BM 💩 is not superior to a real .38special +p load carried in a real .38spl +p rated handgun.
Melvin in the scenario that runs through your mind, at what distance would I be engaging a hostile with my snubbie?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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