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4" Buckmark is no harder to conceal than 1911

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government model, and the safety lever, sights, trigger pull, low noise and recoil, 1.6c pershot, means EASE of getting head shots, at typical,justifiable civvie self defense. the Buckmark is FAR more fun,far more capable of foraging, than is a Makarov. you have to belt ccw carry the makarov, if you want any SPEED of access, anyway. Any pants pocket you stuff it into has NO room left for your fist (in a firing position) so you might as well have it in a belt rig, cause you don't get any speed of draw from the pocket. A good Buckmark is 1" groups at 25m,and it AINT hard to deliver that accuracy, standing unsupported, either. You'll work your ASS off getting better than 3" groups, reliably, on demand, out of a Makarov,(standing unsupported)and spend a LOT of money on the practice ammo ,(trying) too. :)
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Geez, he can't shoot revolvers, he can't shoot shotguns, he can't shoot any rifle but a .22 and that at pistol range, now a Mak scares him? 'Course a slingshot has too much recoil for him. . .
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