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4 guns, total cost under $800, very capable

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,very versatile, plenty of range, accuracy, power, durability,controlability, concealment, cheap practice, speed into action, etc. Just see my post about wife carrying .22 rifle. scope that sks, do some work on load developement, and reliable hits on torsos at 300m will be no big deal. with a rangefinder, hits on torsos at 400m will be over 50%, too. Like I said, PLENTY of range and accuracy.
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of course it would be, if u could find them all in one spot. Since you would probably have to hit 3 places to get all 4, tho, and have to hit dozens of places to find any such guns, it's not worth all the extra hassle. You could get the money to buy them that way, tho. :)
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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