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4" of 1" OD can, sleeved, won't quite silence

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the 6" long HP22, when "dry", but with a shot of WD-40, and a bit of water in it, it does a fine job, for several shots, at least. The 10" OAL package can (kinda) be ccwed, behind the hip, and is fairly fast into action, once the safety has been extended to the rear, by about .5".
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The Walther P22 (159mm over all length) is only 1/4" longer than the HP22 and at least a 15000% better gun. You can also get a factory suppressor adapter for it.

You can also get a synthetic Ruger 22/45 fame and put an aluminum upper from Pac-Lite. Again you have a 15000% better gun.

Stinger 3.1"

Pilot 5.2"
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Grrrr! I'm gonna have to wear a bib when I look at those suppressors. :D

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