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40 years of studying gunstuff, never heard

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or readof a case where a US civilian, in modern times, had to HIT more than 2 guys with his pistol, and I frankly can't recall ever hearing of a of a documented case where a cop had to do so, either. Cirillo's third guy was shot in the back, fleeing. There might have been a few such cop cases, in the Gang era, but they were EXTREMELY rare. hit 1-2, the rest flee.

practicing just STANDING in the open, taking more than 1,or at the VERY most,2seconds to hit more than 1-2 toros, more than 1-2 times each,is just stupid, that's all. It's a waste of money and precious range time.
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Well everybody is entitled to their opinion, just that alot of us disagree with you. The topic that you like to discuss what will happen if the balloon ever goes up. So far it has never gone up so nobody has written about it, what you have read in the past is irrelevent. If you want to refer to police shooting, quit sticking in this stuff about SHTF!!!
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